Rosie’s All Grown Up

Once upon a time, there were four rucksacks and their name were Rosie, Gekko, Zug, and Kale.
These sisters and brothers played in the woods everyday. They collected pine fruits (“Watch out for the pine needles,” said Mother Rucksack), walnuts, and rolled on fallen leaves. They always had happy, wonderful time together.

One day, their mother called Rosie, her eldest child. “My Dear Rosie,” she caressed her, “you’ve grown up. It’s time for you to leave.”
“Leave? B-but why?”
“There are many for a grown up to see out there. Mountains. Prairies. Forests. Wider sky for you to explore. Wonderful experiences are waiting for you. And you won’t get them by just staying here.”
“Is Rosie going to leave us?” The two brothers and sister who heard that conversation drew themselves closer.
“Will we leave, too, Mother?” asked Gekko, the oldest son.
Rosie was eager to go. She wanted to know how other woods looked like, how its leaves smelled, and how its fruits tasted. But she didn’t want to live far away from her mother, brothers, and sister. Besides, she felt uncertain…
“Will I be okay out there, Mother? Will everything be okay?”
“You will, Rosie. Everything will.” She gave her a smile that always able to calm her children down.

The next morning, they bid Rosie farewell.
“See you, Rosie. I’m gonna catch you up soon.” Gekko said enthusiastically.
“We’re going to miss you, Rose,” Zug, Rosie’s only sister, then put her arms around her.
While Kale was soaking in tears.
“Take care, Dear.” Her mother kissed Rosie in the forehead. It was hard for her, but she hold all her feelings down and let her daughter go.
And with that, Rosie took her first step toward the world.


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