My Dear Rosie


I still remember the day I brought you home.
March 24, 2013. Right after I got my test and before I went to Sunday church.
I was confused. I had no idea of what a right carrier looked like or how it should be, but when I saw you I knew that I had to bring you home.
That afternoon was my first time, bringing a really big rucksack in town. I felt embarassed that I thought if someone asked me where I had been, I’d had “Eiger” as my answer. But no one asked. I slipped into my room in silence.

Papandayan was our first. That was the start of everything, actually. Journey. Friendship. Life. Things changed right after that. We went to places. Together we changed “I want to go there” to “I’ve been there”. Including Rinjani, the mountain of my dream šŸ™‚ We have fallen together (remember that day in Pangrango?). Walked thousand miles. Went through drizzle to storm. During day and night.

Places. Friends. Experiences. Memories. With you, I also gained skill. Packing skill *grin* Remember how foolish I was? I was really really bad at packing my things up that my friends said, “Tuh, dari belakang aja sudah kelihatan jelas, kan? Kalau bentuk carrier-nya berantakan pasti Casper.”
As time went by, I knew you better, Rosie. It just happened that I knew how to put things inside you. Then you looked better on my back. I’m genius, eh, Rosie?

I can’t believe it’s come, the time for us to take our own ways.
Thank you for these 2 years and a half, Rosie.
You’re the first for me. The oldest. You’re there before the others.
Now that I let you go doesn’t mean that I don’t want you anymore. It’s not that I choose Gekki over you.
I hope you have new (and even more precious) experiences and memories with your new owner.

See you later, Rosie… when our path of destiny cross each other again.

With Rosie


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