My Dear Friend

Some people take everything to the heart.
While some others just think that it’s an ordinary thing.
The first will be the one who get hurt the most.
While the later will feel nothing or just so so.

I will always be the first kind of a person, no matter how hard I try to be ignorant and take everything easy.

But I’m glad that now God made me meet and know you. A person who also takes everything to the heart.
That’s why I like keeping in touch with you.
That’s why our friendship feels warm in the heart.
That’s this friendship is special.

The way you smile.
The way you feel thankful.
The way you care.

Your innocence
Your pure heart.

You are the one who makes this friendship great, my dear friend 🙂
I’m following you.
No, unintentionally being dragged by you into this great relationship.


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