Happy Black Day, Singles

Yeay, it’s Black Day! What special from these last two years is that I have a mate to celebrate Black Day. No, not because I didn’t have any single friends before, but this very celebration hasn’t been very popular in Indonesia. Only a few know and even fewer who celebrate it.But last year, to my surprise this person came to me with an outstretch hand and greeted, “Happy Black Day!” I was happy, soooooooooo happy that finally I had someone who was like me. So, a few weeks ago, I enthusiasticly brought this topic in our conversation. We agreed to have a jjajangmyeon together as how it is to celebrate Black Day.

He agreed to look for a jjajangmyeon cup, we tried to look for something practical to be cooked during lunch break, even though we’re not sure if it’s exist.

But then yesterday he told me that he hadn’t found it. So, he bought the instan jjajangmyeon, the one that should be boiled in a pan.

“Then we’re going to eat it by ourselves at our own place?” I asked.

“Well, I think so. Any other ideas?”

“Yeah, it’s going to be hard to cook during lunch break.”

“Hahaha… I’ll send the picture to you once I cook it. That way we can feel eating together.”

“Hahaha… that’ll make it.”


Today I got that noodleon my desk. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there when he delivered it. Ahh, I had hoped that we could have a hand-shake while greeting each other. Just like last year. Instead, I sent message to him.

This evening, I got a message. The picture he said he’d sent 🙂

Black Day '14 - 3

   Happy Black Dayy








This is one thing I like about him: reliable 🙂

Black Day '14 - 2


‘Jalmogesseumnidaaaaa,’ I replied







Happy Black Day, Singles 🙂  Everything has been written. So, don’t worry about anything. Not even a life-partner that has not yet arrived 😉  Enjoy your dayyyyy~~~



What is Black Day?

It’s a celebration started in South Korea.

There during Valentine’s Day, girls will give chocolate to boys they like. While on White Day, boys give marshmallow to girls they like. Nah, Black Day is the day for those who is single or didn’t receive any chocolates nor marshmallows. Korean singles, boys and girls, will hang out together, having fun, eating jjajangmyeon (a black-bean-paste noodle) and having soju (oh, I really wish I could have soju with my jjajangmyeon). It is also hoped that through this hanging out together, singles will have new friends and maybe find their meant-to-be.


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