Love Still Goes On

Scene 1509.

act 1. Sitting alone in a deserted park.

2. Minho turned up.

3. ‘A penny for your thought?’

4. Pulling Minho to sit beside her then placing her head on his shoulder.

5. ‘How about a tight warm hug? Do you mind?’

Scene 1510.

act 1. In front of house, washing car together with her oppa, Kim Ryeowook.

2. Cheer laugh filled the air. They played around.

3. In the middle of pouring water to each other, Ryeowook came into a halt.

4. Turned around to see what made him acted like that. Minho stood precisely behind her.

Scene 1511.

act  1. Ryeowook pushed two cups of tea, a cup for each.

2. ‘Here, have your time.’ He smiled then left them. ‘Gomawo Oppa.’ ‘Gomawo, Hyung.’ The other two replied.

3. Pulling the cup, putting it under her nose, taking a deep inhale.

4. ‘Go on. Have your sip. Everything Wookie Oppa makes is always great. This tea, for example, thick, warm, sweet. It’s warming your heart.’

5. Silent fell.

6. ‘When will you go?’

7. ‘The day after tomorrow.’

8. Another silent.

9. ‘It’s only 4 years.’

Scene 1512.

act  1. At Incheon International Airport Departure Gate, pulling her trolley bag along with her Oppa beside her.

2. Looking around the airport.

3. ‘Hasn’t he come?’

4. ‘He won’t come. He told me.’

5. ‘Then why do you keep looking around?’

6. ‘I…’

7. ‘You want him to turn up?’

8. A silent.

9. ‘He will.’

10. Look up at him. ‘Oppa?’

11. ‘I said he would come.’ He checked his watch. ‘There’s still some time.’

Scene 1513.

act  1. The announcement to get ready for the plane was about to take off was heard.

2. With a sad smile, she stood up. ‘A tight warm hug for me, Oppa?’

3. He hugged her gently and long. ‘Be a good girl. Study well. And go home quick.’

4. ‘I will.’

5. He patted her back pationately as if saying ‘he loves you. This absence doesn’t mean anything.’

6. With a last look of the whole airport and her oppa, she took her step. Step that would take her farther from the two namjas she loved while taking her closer to Spain, where her dreams lied.

Scene 1514. (BGM: ost. full house, tapi  lupa judulnya :<   )

act  1. Surprised by a sudden grip on her wrist.

2. ‘Minho?’ her heart screamed. But that word was stopped in her throat.

3. They exchanged looks. Deep looks.

4. Minho pulled her. Put her in his deep hug.

5. ‘Go finish your study then back here.’

6. ‘Back to me,’ he added.

7. Nodded silently.

8. ‘Saranghae,’ he murmured in her ear.

9. Choked with tears. She felt like didn’t want to lose her grip on him.

Those 4 years lied in front of her would be the hardest years she ever had.

Four years later

Scene 1789.

act  1. Staring at the house in front of her.

2. ‘Annyeong haseyo, anything I can help?’

3. Turned around to the one greeting her.

4. The person gasped.

5. ‘Annyeong haseyo Minseok Oppa. Long time no see.’ Smiled and bowed to the very hyung of Minho.

6. ‘You’ve back! Onje? Ah, are you looking for Minho? He isn’t here. He’s practising with his boy band. In Seoul.’

Scene 1794.

act  1. Sitting in a café. Looking at the very face she had longed to see. ‘I heard a lot about you. You’ve been a successful boy now. Chukahae.’

2. ‘Gomawo.’

3. Minutes passed with them busy emptying their own cups.

4. ‘You’ve got many new friends then.’

5. ‘Ne. They’re nice people.’

6. ‘I heard you went out with some girls.’

7. ‘I…’

8. Laughed, oddly though. ‘It’s okay. It’s not that you’re not allowed to have friends and live your own life, right?’

9. An awkward silent.

10.  ‘I… ‘ Minho started. ‘We are just like oppa and dongsaeng or nuna and dongsaeng.’

11.  ‘I know.’

12.  ‘I’m serious.’

13.  ‘Ne. Ne. Arayo.’

14.  His round eyes narrowed. He looked so cute. This made her burst into laugh. ‘Oh, you have no idea how much I miss you, Minho.’

15.  ‘Na do bogosipo.’

Scene 1797.

act  1. Running upstairs. Went to the change room.

2. Shocked by what she saw inside.

3. Ran away.

Scene 1798.

act 1. Waiting in the airport arrival gate.

2. ‘Buenos dias, senorita.’ Someone whispered to her ear.

3. Turned around while shrieking, ‘Alexander!’

Scene 1799.

act  1. Walked along the way to home, side by side with Alexander. Laughing.

2. Minho appeared in front of her house. Stopped.

3. ‘You’re like disappearing these few days.’ He said.

4. ‘You think so?’

5. ‘Didn’t reply my text. Didn’t answer my call.’

6. ‘I didn’t know if you did so. When I finally found out, I thought it was too late to reply.’

7. He frowned.

8. ‘Mwo?’

9. ‘You are avoiding me.’

10. ‘Any reasons I have to do so?’

11. ‘It started since I hugged BoA nuna on that stage.’

12. Felt hurt in her throat as though she had just swallowed a stone. ‘Ah, I forgot to introduce you two. Minho-ah, he is Alexander, a very friend of mine. We met during our study in Spain.’

13. Alexander bowed to him, ‘Alexander-imnida,’ while he kept staring at her sharply.

Scene 1804.

act  1. Stared blankly across the park.

2. ‘¿Porque?’

3. Blink surprisedly. ‘Ah, nothing.’

4. ‘Your attitude doesn,t say so.’

5. A moment of silence. ‘We used to play football together here.’ Exhaled.

6. ‘Do you love him?’

7. Another silence. ‘Then why did you do that?’ Xander asked again.

Flash back

Scene 1801.

act 1. ‘There’s someone over there,’ Xander told her, nodding at a point in her house yard.

2. Went to Xander’s side in the balcony to see. Gulped.

3. ‘I think you should go down.’

4. Went downstairs to meet the very person. ‘It’s been so late, Minho. You should be in Seoul. You have a packed schedule tomorrow.’

5. ‘Not before you listen to me.’

6. She kept quiet. ‘She is just a nuna for me.’

7. Turned her face away.

8. ‘Looked at me.’ Minho turned her to face him. ‘I know what happened in the dress room, right after the show,’ she burst into anger.

9. They exchanged looks. One angry look while the other a shock look.

10. ‘I think I just can’t go on with your life style. It’s too hard for me. Better this way. You live your life. I live my life.’

11. He released his grip on her. Exhaled. ‘And while saying all those things, you just live with him?’ He stared at balcony.

12. ‘It’s not just the two of us. There’s Wookie Oppa inside.’

13. Silence. ‘Now, go home. You have to take as many time to take a rest.’

14. Ran into the house.

Love forever and last forever!

Oon nae mam dahaedoh jabheejeedo neutjuhl suh doh upneun neol

Keuraedo johahahneekka

jeongmahl saranghaneekka

keureohgeh sarangeun ggot gyesogdwaeya hae

(Love forever and last forever

Even if I put in my whole heart

You are something I can’t grab

But I still like you

and I still really love you

Love needs to go on like this)

(Love Should Go On-SHINee)

Flash back end

8. ‘I think it’s the best.’ She answered in low voice.

9. He looked at her, then shouthed ‘I know what’s better.’

10. ‘¿Que?’

11. ‘Let’s have an ice cream.’

12. Smiled widely, though with watery eyes. ‘Let’s have one.’

BGM: Without You – U-kiss (bukan karena liriknya pas, tapi karena musiknya enak aja hehe)

Scene 1806.

act 1. ‘Where will we go today?’ Xander asked.

2. ‘I have brought you to every part of Incheon and Seoul.’

3. ‘Hmmm…’ He had his hair in several tied again today. ‘It’s the 15th of the 8th month.’

4. ‘Mid-Autumn Festival,’ he added refering to the confused look in her face. ‘Moon cake? Song pyeong?’

Scene 1807.

act  1. Walked along the Han river where the festival took place.

2. ‘When I was a kid, my family would sit around a table in the backyard during moon cake festival. Together we enjoyed the full moon while having the moon cake that had been cut into 8 pieces.’

3. ‘I used to go together with his family for I just live with oppa.’ She looked far across the river. ‘Having song pyeong, dancing together with the other children under the moon then having ramyeon. He loves it. We would have a big pan full of ramyeon and eat that together.’ Her voice began to tremble.

4. ‘Stop lying and meet him.’

5. ‘He must somewhere, performing now.’

6. But he saw something she didn’t see.

Scene 1808.

act 1. Having song pyeong while watching the kids dancing in a circle.

2. A song played live when the dance over. There’s a boyband on the stage.

3. Felt familiar with the song. Even more familiar with the person who sang it.

4. All of the sudden, he fell into the river. Screams came out from almost all the mouth around her. She knew nothing but ran towards him.

5. ‘He must be too tired’ her thought scream in panic.

6. Jumped into the river. Grabbed him, almost failed to pull if some people didn’t appeared and gave a hand.

7. ‘Minho-ah’ she whispered. ‘Open your eyes.’

8. ‘He swallowed some water. He needs a CPR.’ Alexander suggested, suddenly appear in her side.

9. Hesitate at first, but then do the CPR.

10. ‘Keuraedo johahahneekka

jeongmahl saranghaneekka‘

That mouth she just left began to sing a song.

11. ‘You played trick on me?’

12. He grabbed her wrist. ‘It’s my idea.’ Xander said. ‘As I told you, you should stop lying.’ He patted her shoulder then left them.

13. ‘Mianhaeyo. Joesonghaeyo. I …’

14. She kissed him right on the lips. ‘It’s okay. It’s me who should apologize.’

‘Saranghaeyo,’ she added then kissed him once more.

You’re still my NO. 1 the one I’m thinking of

The one I can rely

I guess you know that so deep inside I love you so

This all you said and done

You’re still my NO. 1

No. 1 – BoA

It’s been so long since you were here with me

Since you left me I could I set you free

It’s just a game well done myself again

And finally I’m ready to go fast you see

‘Cause I did some good, and I did some bad,

I know what we had was true

You’re still my NO. 1 the one I’m thinking of

The one I can rely

I guess you know that so deep inside I love you so

It’s all you said and done

You’re still my NO. 1

The things I said I taken back you know

It’s not the end ‘Cause now I’ve taken my stand

And I miss you, and want you back in my life,

(want you back in my life, I want you back in my life)

‘Cause I did some good, and I did some bad,

I know what we had was true

You’re still my NO. 1 the one I’m thinking of

The one I can rely

I guess you know that so deep inside I love you so

It’s all you said and done

You’re still my NO. 1

I remember the days how we used to laugh

How we used to dance to that song and after all this time I have no regret

You’re still my no. 1 (Wooh)

Du, Du Du Du Du Du, Du Du Du Du Du, Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du

Du Du Du Du Du, Du Du Du Du Du, DU Du-Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du

You’re still my NO. 1 the one I’m thinking of

The one I can rely

I guess you know that so deep inside I love you so

It’s all you said and done

You’re still my NO. 1

You’re still my NO. 1 the one I’m thinking of

The one I can rely

I guess you know that so deep inside I love you so

It’s all you said and done

You’re still my NO. 1


Based on Chinese mithology, Mid-Autumn Festival is when Houyi and Chang’e, the Moon Goddess of Immortality, meet once in a year.  That’s why the moon shines brightly and so beautiful.


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